How Entry Doors Have Changed Over the Last 20 Years

A look at the past and you could tell a person’s social status by the nature of his entry door. Entry doors have been around for a while. They have evolved past being rigid doors designed to keep burglars out, to aesthetically pleasing, yet functional doors. Follow the story with us

Exterior Doors 20 Years Ago.

If you walked towards any house in the Toronto area about 20 years ago, you would certainly notice a rigid door, perhaps fastened with a Yale lock, especially in the suburbs. It was the norm in the day for doors to be mostly made of wood, and locks, basic at the very least. The most utilized among the materials were mahogany, walnut, and chestnut wood as these were more susceptible to paint and stain. These woods were equally used because of their sturdiness and resilience to different weather conditions, something Canada battles with.

Another major reason for the use of wood was the ease of use, framing, and an attempt at making appealing entry doors. Wooden doors were always easier to decorate and beautify. 

As Time Went On 

The designing of wooden doors became increasingly popular in the early 2000s. Changes began to emerge as new and more structural designs and patterns were created for wooden doors. Also, the improvement of materials suggested that entry doors could be made with other materials other than wood and plain metal. 

Run Through Till Today

As technology improved, so did the entry door. Different materials were introduced into the market, from carbon fiber to fiberglass. Of course, the wooden doors were not totally abandoned. They are still very much in use today. 

In today’s market, there are basically three materials that are used to build exterior doors; wood, steel, and fiberglass. 

Today’s Entrance Door

Entry doors have become a perfect blend of functionality and beauty. Thanks to polymers and metallurgical research, a wide variety of clients' needs can be met. The emergence of paradigm shifters such as smart homes and automated locks has further necessitated the manufacture of specialized materials and designs to cope with the dynamic needs of modern entry doors.

Steel Entry Doors

When it comes to security, a functional option is a steel door. They are made of steel. What they lack in beauty, they make up for in their sturdiness and strength. Steel doors, unlike their wooden counterpart, need little or no maintenance. However, they tend to be more functional options, giving little room for looks.

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Fiberglass Exterior Doors

Being the newest introduction to the market, these doors are built with long-term warranty and no maintenance in mind. An entrance door made from fiberglass needs little or no maintenance, and usually has insulators to ensure energy efficiency. They can be designed to look like wooden doors. They also help mitigate the effects of harsh weather than the other two options. 

If you would rather leave out periodic maintenance checks, then this one’s for you. 

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