How to Lock a Door Without a Lock or Key

Let's discuss how you can lock a door without a lock or key...

Doors have kept us safe from thieves, burglars, wild animals, and even the weather since forever, thanks to the keys, and the locks. With keys and locks, we have been able to secure our doors which in turn have secured us and our properties.

The norm is that doors can only be locked when we use keys or locks. But in this article, we would be defying the norm by showing you ways to you can lock your door without keys, or locks.

Why without the Keys and Locks?

I mean, we have the locks and keys so why worry? Well, there are reasons why you may need to lock the door without a key or a lock:

  • Emergency

Okay, so let’s imagine your door lock, or the key gets broken in the middle of the night. What would you do? Well, you could either stay awake to watch and pray, or you could simply use one of the alternate methods recommended here. In such scenarios, these methods might be your only hope. 


  • Convenience


There are times you want the door locked, but not entirely locked (if you know what I mean). For nothing but the sake of convenience, you might not want to use the locks on the door. Maybe you are just lazy, or there is a need to open the door over and over again. One of these makeshift but reliable methods might just be what you need.


  • Privacy


Not every door is built to be locked. In some buildings, some doors are built to be connecting doors, thereby lacking of any serious locking system. In a situation where such doors need to be barred temporarily for privacy’s sake, then these alternate methods may come in handy. 

Now that we have addressed that issue, you probably now see reasons why you may need to lock your door without having the locks or keys. 

Now, we may now address the elephant in the room: how you can lock your doors without keys and locks?

Methods for Locking Doors without Keys

Before we fully get into discussing the different methods available, we must clarify something about doors very quickly. 

There is a major factor that must be considered when choosing these locking systems: in what direction does your open, inward or outward? If it opens inward, it’s called an in-swing door, while those that open outward are out-swing doors. 

You should answer this question fist before heading on. The reason for this question is that some of these methods may only work when your door opens in a particular direction.  

The In-swing Door

These kinds of doors only open inward. This means that any locking method must be utilized inside, not outside. Below is a list of methods that can be used for in-swing doors according to Pro Locksmiths:


  • Barricades


Barricades are highly effective for in-swing doors. When a barricade is used, it obstructs and cuts access from the outside. There exist professional barricading systems that even come with alarms. If you do not already have one of these at home, then feel free to contact Pro Locksmiths. You may also improvise with certain household implements. You must have seen some of these in the movies. One of the most popular objects used is a chair. In the case of an emergency, this could solve the problem (at least for the night). 


  • Door Jammers


A door jammer is another very useful tool that you can use to secure an in-swing door. The average door jammer is made of steel, and weighs around ten pounds. But trust me, it is very difficult to get it out of the way. It’s also very easy to use, and shouldn’t develop a mind of its own. All you have to do is set it to the desired length, and attach on the door, preferably below the knob. 


  • In-swing Door Security Bar


A security bar is built to keep people out. An in-swing security bar in this instance is used inside to stop incoming traffic. There are different types of security bars. The most popular ones being those that brace horizontally and vertically. The horizontal security bar braces horizontally between two special loops that are installed for that purpose. The vertical bar, on the other hand, braces between the floor and the doorknob. 


  • Wedges


Door wedges are a very portable solution. While they do not promise any serious security, they can be used to keep people out of a room. A door wedge can be used to temporarily limit access to a room. 


  • Portable Locks


A portable lock is one of the perfect alternatives to locks and keys. If you do not have a very secure lock, or no lock at all, the portable lock is a good choice. Once the portable lock is attached to a door, it cannot be open even with a key. This is because a portable lock works using the counterforce principle. This means the door can only be open from the inside. 

Out-swing Doors

Outswing doors typically open outward and so all locking methods must be utilized outside, not is actually more difficult to lock out-swing doors with this method. Below is a list of locking methods for Outswing doors:

  1. Out-swing door security bars

This perhaps is the most effective way to lock a door from the outside. You must have seen it in the banks. These bars are solid, letting nothing go past them. Using one of these would ensure safety. 

  1. Wedges

Wedges can, of course, be used for out-swing doors, except, they can’t really be used for serious situations. This is because as discussed above, wedges do not offer any serious security resistance. 

Advantages of These Locking Methods 

  1. Easy to use

Most of these locking methods are pretty easy to use and install. Almost anyone can install and control any of these methods. Still having challenges using these alternative methods, feel free to contact Pro Locksmiths. They’ll be more than happy to help. 

  1. Relatively Cheap

These methods are relatively cheap. Some of them would actually cost you nothing. You could use the materials you have at home to create a DIY version of some of these locking methods. And even when you can’t, you can get them at a relatively cheap price. 

  1. Very Secure

For components that are neither locks nor keys, most of these methods are secure enough. The out-swing security bar, for example, is still in use in banks today. That speaks a lot you know. 

Nursing questions about alternative ways to lock your doors, feel free to contact Pro Locksmiths to get professional advice.



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