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Improving warehouse security is about more than simply putting locks on doors and controlling access. Securing a property requires taking a multitiered approach that focuses not only on entrances but also on interior areas. Commercial locks come in all shapes and sizes and are much more varied than you might imagine. Doors that are secured using swipe cards and fobs are extremely popular for their ease of use and can be more efficient than traditional key systems.

Keypad locked doors are a popular option and are favoured by many warehouses. Keys and swipe cards can be lost or misplaced, whereas locks secured using a keypad do not need any additional hardware. If the code is somehow compromised, resetting the lock is as simple as setting a new code. There are plenty of choices, and different types of locks will be more suitable for some warehouses and businesses than others.

Access management is the most obvious reason to fit quality locks on a warehouse. The primary function of locks is to secure your property and prevent unauthorized access. This is essential on entrances and exits, but it can also be used to further secure areas within the warehouse. By storing stock behind locked doors, you can effectively control who has access to certain areas and when. Multilayered protection (often mixing and matching a variety of different types of locks) is the best solution for most warehouses and ensures a high level of protection.

A range of benefits

Securing your warehouse and premises with commercial locks has a range of other, more specific advantages, too. Locks represent upfront expenditure, but they can save you a great deal of money in the long term. Securing your property with effective locks can make your business less dependent on security guards and even negate some of the need for extensive CCTV networks. These are both costly, and so is the price of lost stock. Securing your stock with commercial locks prevents expensive losses and will help your business run efficiently. There's also a health and safety issue involved with locks and ensuring that dangerous or even toxic materials are stored behind a securely locked door will safeguard your workforce.

High-quality locks can also impact your insurance costs, perhaps even helping to reduce your premiums. A quality security system not only protects your stock but also your employees. That’s especially true if your supply line operates through the night; nothing ensures the peace of mind of a workforce more than robust security. A happy workforce is a productive one and securing staff should be one of the highest priorities of any business.

Often, the mere presence of a complex system of locks is usually enough to serve as a deterrent to any would-be criminals.


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