Keyless electronic digital door locks: 6 compelling reasons to upgrade

Whatever business you are in, office-based, retail, industrial or other, one of your least welcome but most important considerations is security. As if the pressures of running a business weren't enough, you also have to devote time and resources to safeguard your premises, equipment, stock, raw materials, and information. Cybercrime apart, the biggest threat comes from intruders who will exploit any weakness in your defences to gain access, steal and cause havoc.

Over the years, manufacturers of security door locks for business have had to devise ever more sophisticated ways of resisting such attacks, but determined criminals have a nasty habit of finding ways around every new measure. The gold standard of security now, and for the foreseeable future, is represented by keyless electronic digital door locks.

Here are six reasons to upgrade security door locks for business protection:

1-Enhanced Security

This is the most obvious one. Because a digital lock can't be picked or bumped, this is the most common form of forced entry. Install digital locks throughout your building and the door of every room becomes as impenetrable as the main entrance. It's also a lot safer to have locks which don't require keys: they can't be lost, stolen or duplicated. Without the code, your premises become virtually unbreachable.


Even when a burglar tries and fails to disable traditional locks, they can do a lot of damage which you'll need to repair urgently or risk a second attempt being successful. One look at a keyless digital lock, and all but the most misguided burglar will realize it's not worth trying to break in through the door. They'll know you've got something worth protecting, but the visual deterrence value is considerable. They may seek easier entrances, but if you have a sophisticated security system, they will be disappointed.

3-Access and Monitoring

This is particularly applicable to larger buildings where staff, visitors, and service contractors pass in and out of the premises frequently. Electronic door locks allow you to control the levels of access for each class of individuals, and also help you to maintain detailed records of who goes where. This is very useful if you ever need to investigate incidents of loss, breakage, or malfunction.

4-Cost Savings

Electronic security door locks for business premises can reduce many hidden costs, which might not seem obvious at first glance. There's no need for the expense of replacing locks and keys after a breach or when an employee leaves: simply change the code. Neither is there a need to pay for key-holding services or temporary security measures.

5-Automatic Locking

The traditional lock and key is unreliable for many reasons, not the least human error: did someone forget to lock the door? Digital ones lock automatically when the door shuts, which means no one has to remember to lock it and no one passing through even requires a key. Every time it shuts, your building is secure.


A minor point, perhaps, but keyless digital locks look a lot better than their analog ancestors. They're stylish, durable, and waterproof, and they show your customers and the general public that you're serious about business.



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