Keyless Locks

Not everyone needs a keyless lock, but they can be very convenient and help avoid a lot of grief later on down the line. The Arrow Revolution is economical, available in three finishes, and offers many practical features, making it a great choice.

Imagine you've just arrived home from a night out and you walk up to your front door only to realize that you can’t find your house keys. Instead of incurring a locksmith charge, you walk around to the side door and enter your code on your Arrow Revolution and walk in. Simple aint it?

Or what if you had to dismiss a service provider that had access to your home? Instead of calling a locksmith to rekey your locks, reset their access code on your Arrow Revolution in just a few minutes.

These are just a few examples of how this lock pays for itself over time. Aside from the all the features and benefits of the lock, what’s really amazing is it’s resistance to the elements.

Check out this video below of an Arrow Revolution standing up to everything from a torch to a grinder. You will immediately let go of any reservations you had about the security of keyless locks.

Other features offered by the Revolution include.

- Easy to use voice-guided programming instructions
- Extremely durable light up touch screen
- Privacy mode – all code lock out for privacy
- Key override for emergency situations
- Delayed automatic relock with settable time if you’re forgetful

If you’d like to learn more about the Arrow Revolution or have one installed contact us today, visit our showroom at 611 Mt. Pleasant Rd. or give us a call at (416)-488-2111.


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