Learn How Pro Locksmiths Can Secure Your Commercial Property

Commercial properties are somewhat different from homes in terms of the way they are accessed by employees, suppliers and customers.

A commercial property that has suppliers, employees and customers coming and going, may find that conventional keyed locks are not sufficient to keep doors secure yet accessible to those who need to enter.

Entering a digital commercial electronic door lock system without a key

There are many locking systems that do not require a key, including locks that open when a combination or other credential is presented. Other locks can be configured to be operated remotely or by programmed access schedules.

Alternatives to keyed locks

There are a range of different locks on the market that can be used to allow authorized people to access your commercial property or enable colleagues to enter employee-only areas within your building. Here is a look at some of the best options you can consider.

Digital locks

Digital locks are used to ensure that only authorized people can enter secure areas of your business. These can include stock rooms, cash offices, or the staff break room. A digital lock can be designed to lock automatically, with access controlled remotely. A digital commercial electronic door lock system can be used to give access to people in buildings such as schools, hotels, hospitals and many other buildings with differing lock requirements. With audit trail capabilities, you will know who entered which door and when.

A digital commercial electronic door lock system is designed to lock automatically as the door is closed, to ensure any valuable or sensitive items that may need to be kept in public areas, are safe and secure.

There are a number of good locking solutions available that are no less secure than a traditional keyed lock system. Locks with key card access can be kept secure when personnel change as fobs can be deactivated remotely. Likewise, it is often possible to program cards remotely in order to allow access to different rooms and areas of a building as business rules dictate.

As with any security product or system, the best way to ensure your building is kept secure when installing new locks is by contracting a professional locksmith whose expertise can help guide you to the most appropriate system for your building and needs.


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