Do I Need A…Personal Bodyguard?

This month at Pro Locksmiths, we’re profiling various aspects of personal and home security to help our valued customers identify what’s out there in terms of protection and what security products could benefit their safety. To provide a little background, our team is comprised of expert locksmiths and technicians who have many decades’ combined experience serving residential and commercial locksmith needs in the Greater Toronto Area. We’ve seen it all, and provided expert advice, sales, installation and service of high quality security products to:

  • People locked out of their homes, offices or vehicles: when you need emergency locksmith services, we will be there to get you back in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Homeowners who need a locksmith: whether you need locks changed, rekey, new keys cut, deadbolt installed, keypad security system, Smart home security, cameras, alarm system repair, and so much more, our fully stocked vans and capable techs provide it all
  • Business owners looking for a fire-resistant safe, key control systems, master keys, automatic doors, closed circuit cameras, Medeco high security locks, everything to protect their business

We’re proud to serve government and industrial customers as well.

One of the most important things a good locksmith can do is to give unbiased, expert advice. We’re not a locksmith company in Toronto that’s going to tell you that you need something when you really don’t, just to make a sale. Because our security knowledge extends to personal security also, we can give you the honest truth about whether a certain lock or security product is right for you. Today we’ll discuss personal security.


Truth: Do I need a personal guard?

Toronto is a city of many faces, and one of those is the high net worth sector. Wealthy people, even though they may not be celebrities, necessarily consider personal security to be of paramount importance to keep both their possessions and their person safe from hazards. But even where wealth is not a factor, a personal bodyguard may still be a consideration for some people. You might be a good candidate to hire a personal body guard if:

  • You are often in the public eye (not necessarily as a celebrity, but as a prominent business executive or someone who makes frequent television appearances)
  • You are a politician or political functionary such as a diplomat, judge or foreign head of state
  • You operate a lucrative and/or controversial/dangerous business, for example, an oil and gas company or power plant
  • For reasons of wealth, birth or social position, or personal enemies, you have reason to fear an attempt on your life, or blackmail/kidnapping/extortion/assault from one or many individuals
  • You have an illness or disability that compromises your safety and requires an attendant to be available to you in public
  • You are organizing security for a particular event, such as a shareholders’ meeting, workplace termination, or protest that you believe might become unruly or violent
  • You wish to be protected from overzealous members of the media
  • You are concerned with venue safety hazards such as fires, bomb threats or disgruntled, potentially armed individuals


The bodyguard bottom line

A personal protection specialist certainly is not a requirement for everyone. However, certain people, at certain times, may feel vulnerable and appreciate an added layer of security, whether it’s at an important event where people will be gathered, or to run a gauntlet of media, protesters or irate stakeholders. A bodyguard’s mere presence, however unobtrusive, can help to ensure things go smoothly; and if a threat does present itself, you will have a swift and competent reaction to it. If you want a good theft or threat deterrent and are willing to pay for a personal escort, a bodyguard may be a viable solution.


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