Do I Need A…Wearable Safety Device?

This month at Pro Locksmiths, we’re looking at various types of personal and home security to help our customers identify which security and protection products could benefit them. Why the focus on personal safety as well as more traditional locksmith jobs? Because our team is comprised of expert locksmiths and techs whose knowledge extends far past just changing locks. We have many decades’ combined experience servicing residential and commercial security needs in the Greater Toronto Area. We’ve provided expert advice, assessments, and installation and service of the best security products to:

  • People who have locked themselves out: when you need an emergency locksmith in Toronto to get back into your home, car or business, we are there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Homeowners: whether you need the locks changed for your newly purchased home or a rekey to prevent unauthorized access, deadbolts installed, a keypad security system, Smart locks, alarm system repair, and so much more, our fully stocked vans and knowledgeable techs provide everything you could want
  • Business owners who need a theft-resistant safe, key control, master keys, sliding doors, closed circuit cameras, Medeco high security locks, and other commercial security aids.

We’ve provided service to many government and industrial customers as well.

One of the most important services a good locksmith provides is unbiased, reputable advice. We’re not the type of Toronto locksmith that’s going to tell you to buy something you really don’t need; Pro Locksmiths staff always give you the straight goods about the best security products. Let’s examine a common form of high tech personal security, the wearable alarm.


Truth: Do I need a personal security alarm?

Wearable alarm systems are often marketed to women because of the fear factor. Many women do not feel safe walking late at night, in an unfamiliar location, in certain neighbourhoods, or in dimly lit underground parking lots where predators can lurk. Regardless of the amount of money or valuables you may be carrying, you may feel like a target for other reasons, such as gender, age, race, appearance, or association.

Wearable devices can provide the feeling of being accompanied at all times because they allow you to alert others that you are in trouble, and summon help to your location. These devices are often easily concealed as jewellery, clips, key chains, or credit cards that emit a beacon and alarm, and even record audio so that those monitoring the device can learn the nature of the danger and send appropriate assistance your way. Other types of anti-theft wearable devices use light and/or sound to let you know if your wallet has been stolen, allowing you a better chance to recover it immediately after a pickpocketing.


You might want to wear a personal security device, such as the Artemis pendant if:

-You already carry a Smart phone, but are worried about being able to utilize it effectively in an emergency

-You are travelling alone and feel unsafe

-You do shift work or attend functions that require you to be out late at night

-You have an illness, impairment, or take medication that limits your fight-or-flight ability

-You have an illness that may require immediate professional help at unpredictable times, for example, life-threatening allergies, asthma or diabetes

-You like the idea of being able to let loved ones know when you’re in trouble

-You have a job that involves servicing clients in multiple locations so if anything should happen to you, your whereabouts would not be known

-You tend to be forgetful about wallets and valuable personal possessions


The wearable alarm bottom line

A personal protection device is not a necessity for everyone. However, the relatively inexpensive cost of such devices and their ease of use does make them recommended for anyone who feels vulnerable, whether all the time or in certain situations. Personal wearable security devices are easy to conceal and may provide a quick and effective solution to personal threats.


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