Who Needs a Professional Locksmith?

The short answer to that question is ‘Who doesn’t?’ At one time or another in our lives, most of us have been accidentally locked out, or needed our locks changed for security reasons, or required extra keys to be cut; all of these commonplace activities generally require the assistance of a professional, unless your name is McGyver. And when it comes to the more complex stuff, unless you are a skilled tradesperson or licensed locksmith, you risk more than just the price of a lockset, cameras or a safe when installing products yourself; you risk your entire property and valuables, should you complete the installation in a manner which leaves you vulnerable to attack.

In this dynamic business, how much a professional locksmith knows can save you money, stress, hassle, and of course, save you from being broken into or having harm come to yourself, your family, your clients and your property. It’s an extremely grave responsibility that we take very seriously. That’s why we believe your best path to safety is to hire a professional locksmith for all your security needs.


A professional locksmith can assist you in gaining control of your keys

Obviously, residential customers will call upon a professional locksmith for their basic home security needs like new locks, re-keying, and alarm systems. But when it comes to commercial safety, a professional locksmith can help you do so much more.

For example, Pro Locksmiths is an authorized Medeco Security Centre. That means we are part of a selected group of Medeco dealers chosen for their professional business practices, experience and desire to educate consumers about security risks and solutions. Our knowledgeable personnel can provide expert security advice based on our extensive training. So for example, if you are a business who has already been hit by burglary – not forced entry, but the shocking 30 percent of all commercial burglaries that occur because someone already had an unauthorized copy of your key – you might want to consult with one of our experienced personnel about key control. All Medeco high security locks (as well as other elite brands) offer a key control feature to ensure that keys cannot be duplicated without permission.


A professional locksmith can audit your premises and fill in security gaps

What do you see when you walk around your property? At Pro Locksmiths, our professional locksmith staff see entry points! As part of our consultative services, we will be pleased to provide an in-person walk around of your home or business to note any weak spots or gaps in your physical security, then recommend the solutions you need – whether it’s high security locks that are resistant to physical tampering such as prying an sawing, or the proper type, amount and placement of closed circuit cameras to monitor the loading docks at your industrial facility.

In addition, our technicians can assist you with other security services such as legal compliance…whether you need a certain type of alarm system to satisfy the demands of your insurance company or the sales, installation and service of automatic handicap doors to adapt your building to government accessibility requirements.

Whether your security related needs are simple or complex, do yourself a favour and hire a professional locksmith! We’re available to serve you 24/7 in the GTA.


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