Picking the Right Lock for Your Home

Picking the Right Lock for Your Home – A Difficult Task that Rewards You with Safety and Security

Burglars usually target easy-to-enter houses, so picking the right lock for your home is essential for your personal safety and for the security of your assets as well.  However, the market of quality locks is so diverse that you can easily feel overwhelmed by the choice. In the following lines, we would like to offer some guidance to make it easier to pick the lock that best suits your requirements and the construction of your home, too.

Features to Look for While Picking the Right Lock for Your Home

There are numerous features that characterize a good lock:

Key control – this feature makes key copying very difficult. While conventional keys can be easily duplicated in hardware stores, the keys for such key-controlled locks can be copied only by the manufacturer of the lock or by certain locksmiths authorized by the manufacturer.

Anti-drill locks – drilling is one of the most common methods used by burglars. Anti-drill locks are made from special, hardened steel that resists any drilling attempt.

Deadbolts – a very efficient method to prevent burglary. The deadbolt will fortify your door and make it resistant to sawing and breaking.

Deadbolts with keys – some deadbolts open and close with one or multiple keys. They have one or several holes for keys that open different levers inside the deadbolt. The keys used with these deadbolts are usually special, almost impossible to copy by unauthorized people.

ANSI 1-type locks – locks are among the most important security devices used in companies and homes as well, so they must undergo very serious testing before being put on the market. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has a special grading system that evaluates locks based on their resistance and durability. Grade 1 is assigned only to locks of the highest quality, assuring the product will efficiently protect the safety of your home.

Resistant strike plates – the strike plate is usually the most vulnerable part of the lock, the quality of which is crucial when picking the right lock for your home. Make sure you choose a lock with a security strike plate and screws that are at least three inch in length to provide even more resistance.

Dimension – we left the most important feature for the end: you must measure your door’s thickness prior to going to the hardware shop for picking the right lock for your home. Most resistant, high quality locks are massive and if your door is very thin or flimsy, you will probably not be able to mount the lock properly.

Getting Help with Choosing Your Lock

If you feel that you could use some help choosing the best lock for your home, you can get counseling and consultation from professional locksmith companies. These experts will be able to recommend you the right lock based on the features of your home and of the door the hardware will be installed on; what’s more, they also provide installation services.

If you are looking for such assistance in the Greater Toronto area, check what Pro Locksmith offers. The company works with the best professionals and the best products; with their help, picking the right lock for your home will be easy as a walk in the park.


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