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As a trusted, family-owned locksmith business operating in the Toronto area for over three decades, we at Pro Locksmiths have helped a lot of people over the years! Business owners who wanted to upgrade their most complex security systems at multiple locations. Little old ladies who just wanted a deadbolt. People locked out of their homes and cars. Whether it’s a middle of the night emergency, a leisurely trip to our fully stocked showroom, or a scheduled at-home security audit, Pro Locksmiths has been right there when you needed us…and we hope to continue to provide that stellar residential, commercial and emergency locksmith service for many more decades to come!

We thought it would be fun to share some of the things we do in addition to our routine work like installing new high security locks, rekeying locks, advising businesses about automatic doors, showing people how to monitor their CCTVs, programming safes and more. Here are some of the other things we get to do as locksmiths proudly serving the GTA.

We get to educate people about home security products. No idea how to program your Smart locks? Can’t get your car key to work? Is your safe giving you trouble? Come in to our showroom and we are happy to help you with these and related situations. We also use our blog to educate you on many other aspects of personal and home security so you can learn how to best keep yourself and your property safe and protected.

We comfort people in times of need. You may not realize it, but we are the people you call when you need to get into a loved one’s apartment when they have stopped answering the phone and you’re worried about them. Sometimes we have found loved ones passed away and been the ones to stay with relatives while they make arrangements. At other times, people call us hysterical because they have been victims of brutal break-ins at home or at work that caused the loss of their most prized possessions – and their peace of mind. We comfort, and assist in making sure these kinds of thefts won’t happen a second time.

We are keepers of secrets. Sometimes a person is running from an abusive relationship and needs the locks changed quickly and stealthily. Sometimes people have been up to all kinds of hanky panky which results in one or more parties being handcuffed and unable to get free. Sometimes we need to get into a safe that was purchased locked at an auction. Whatever we find inside, you can count on us to keep this information absolutely confidential – just as we keep your address and personal information absolutely private and secure.

We are legal professionals. Well, not quite, but we’re called upon to do everything from unlock leg irons to give expert testimony in court cases where evidence needs to be given about forced entry, lock picking and the like. We know locks, and there’s little you can do to pull the wool over our eyes when it comes to that sort of thing.


We love what we do at Pro Locksmiths!

Our team loves helping GTA home and business owners with all their locksmith needs – both the everyday mundane ones, and the emotionally fraught moments when you need someone you can trust. Call us for locksmith services first. We’re right here when you need us!



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