Pro Locksmiths has serviced Toronto for over 30 years

What does it mean to be in business in Toronto for over 30 years? Well, no matter what the industry, it means you’ve beaten the odds, because failure rates for new businesses are pretty high. For example, according to Statistics Canada, although about 100,000 new small businesses start up every single year in Canada, in the five year period from 2002 to 2007, only 15,000 new businesses made it! So what’s the problem?

Of course, starting a business in the GTA is tough; there’s fierce competition, and many common problems like lack of management experience/business know-how, lack of goal-setting, and lack of innovation can plague entrepreneurs. But obviously, some businesses do succeed. A trade like locksmithing, where there are so many other locksmiths out there offering similar products and services, can be a difficult trade to break into. What is the Pro Locksmiths secret?

Passion, determination and great service has helped us succeed, not just survive

Often we hear about the ‘survival rate’ of small businesses, but at Pro Locksmiths, we wanted to not only survive, but thrive and grow into a household name in the GTA! Our personal passion for the trade combined with attention to detail and a lot of persistence, has helped us achieve those goals.

The Canada Business Network sets out some tips that they recommend to help small businesses beat the odds. Because we know from experience that these things work, we have reproduced them here:

  • Develop a good marketing and business plan that takes into account customer needs, competition, pricing and promotional strategies.
  • Keep a good inventory of your products or services and your existing customers.
  • Supervise, train and motivate your employees.
  • Make sure you have the experience, expertise and talent to run your business.
  • Plan every part of your business from start to finish.
  • Know your market and define how much of it you will be able to capture.
  • Make sure you are offering a product that is unique and competitive or at a lower cost than that of your competitors.

If you’ve done business with Pro Locksmiths, you already know that we take all of the above into account when running our business and when serving you. If not, perhaps it’s time to discover the Pro Locksmiths difference!

Here’s to 30 years serving the GTA…and 30 more to come

We’ve been delivering professional locksmith services and home security services to thousands of customers for over three decades now, and we look forward to the next three! Whether you call us to duplicate a key or get you back into your home after a lockout…reset your security system after a power outage or install a whole new electronic access system at your work…or put a set of automatic handicap doors in your warehouse for easier product transport…you can trust our knowledgeable, trained, enthusiastic staff to provide services of the highest standard.

Thirty years in business means we’re aware of the unique security needs of individual homeowners as well as companies of all sizes. With decades of combined employee experience, our friendly staff know exactly what to recommend for your needs and budget, whether you’re shopping at our fully stocked showroom in Davisville Village, or whether you are just describing your security issues over the phone. As Toronto’s premier locksmith, it’s our privilege to find the perfect lock, safe, vault, deadbolt, CCTV, door hardware or alarm system for you.

For exceptional installation and service, fair pricing, and incredible quality, feel free to browse our website or visit our showroom. And of course, for emergency locksmith services 24/7/365, call us now at 416-488-2111. We’ll be there in a flash with all the tools we need to get the job done right, the first time.

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