Pro Locksmiths services residential and commercial locksmith clients

Pro Locksmiths is a highly experienced locksmith firm that has been serving homes and businesses in the GTA for over thirty years. While some locksmiths specialize in a particular niche, we have chosen to serve both residential and commercial customers, recognizing that these two groups have very different needs that our technicians can meet. Our friendly, professional staff is trained to specialize in a diverse set of expert locksmith techniques, from emergency re-keys to security system installation, so we can always meet the varied needs of our Toronto clientele.

What does this consistency of skill and expertise mean for you, the customer? It means that whether you phone Pro Locksmiths to help you in the case of a lockout, or to come and install an ultra-modern automatic door system for your rental property, we are able to serve you promptly and to the highest standards currently available in the industry.

Toronto locksmith services for homeowners

Residential locksmith services are our backbone here at Pro Locksmiths. Our technicians have an in-depth knowledge of all different types of locks and deadbolts; we have collectively attended thousands of calls, so there’s no mechanical or electronic system that can get by us! The benefit to you of having knowledgeable staff is that we’ll take over where you can’t. You may not actually know what type of lock is best for your home (or, for that matter, what combination of cameras and swipe card access would make your small business more secure); fortunately, we do know, and you can rely absolutely on our honest and professionalism in advising you on the best security solutions for your needs.

Once we have helped you choose the most suitable locks and then installed them, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is now more resistant to intruders than before – even intruders who come prepared with their own lock-picking tools. Even the most determined burglar will be stymied by a new high-security locking system. We carry a full line of trusted brands of high-security locks that are resistant to forced entry.

Commercial locksmith security is our top priority

And it should be yours. While you might feel more vulnerable at home, you might actually be more vulnerable at work, because businesses make great targets for thieves both inside and outside the company. Many businesses have an ‘open access’ policy, so strangers are constantly coming in and out, and employees may turn over frequently. This all makes businesses ripe for thieves. We recommend a full security assessment before something happens that damages your business and causes you the loss of irreplaceable cash, equipment or information.

When you call upon Pro Locksmiths for fast, reliable commercial service, you can expect:

  • A full assessment of your property, including all of your actual or potential entry points, secured areas, and safes
  • Access to the latest in technology and sophisticated security systems
  • Fast, professional installation of deadbolts and other mechanical or electronic locking systems

Going forward, you can expect excellent customer service, plus ongoing maintenance and repair of your security systems, whether you need key replacement for lost employee key cards or repair for a jammed safe.

Pro Locksmiths – ensuring the safety of your Toronto-area real estate, family, businesses, and employees for over three decades!


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