Why Pro Locksmiths is Simply Better

In a city the size of the GTA, there are many locksmiths offering residential and commercial locksmith services, but there’s only one Pro Locksmiths. It may seem like we’re blowing our own horn to say we’re the best, but there are some very sound reasons for believing we are the right choice to call when you need an emergency locksmith to get you back into your home, a commercial locksmith to provide you with the best possible security solutions for your business, or a reliable professional to upgrade your locks.

We’ve been in business for over 33 years, so here are 33 reasons why we are better – that’s 33 reasons to choose us next time you need a locksmith!

  1. We offer 24-hour/7 day/365 days a year emergency locksmith services
  2. We have a fully equipped showroom
  3. We are an authorized Medeco Security Centre
  4. We sell, install and service safes of all kinds
  5. We sell, install and service the best high security locks in the industry
  6. We perform home security audits
  7. We install alarm systems
  8. We know everything there is to know about Smart lock technology
  9. We can advise on the purchase and optimal placement of CCTV cameras
  10. We can get you in when you are locked out
  11. We are efficient and reliable
  12. We sell decorative door and hardware products for interior and exterior use
  13. We work anywhere in the GTA
  14. We offer access control systems to prevent unauthorized entry
  15. We can install vaults
  16. We carry the most technologically advanced intercom systems
  17. We can help you reach AODA compliance with automatic doors
  18. Our prices are affordable
  19. We know everything there is to know about programmable deadbolt systems
  20. We don’t cut corners when it comes to…anything
  21. Our consultation services carry no obligation
  22. We do most things in-house, and only outsource to the best experts in the industry
  23. We can replace old locks
  24. We can re-key existing locks so your key is the only one that works
  25. Builders, developers and GCs throughout the GTA have us on speed dial
  26. No matter how large your facility, distribution centre, multi-unit residential property or industrial site, we have high-tech security solutions for you
  27. We can assist with commercial doors and frames
  28. Key management is our middle name
  29. We provide immediate response
  30. All our well-trained, knowledgeable employees and technicians are background checked, professional, and polite
  31. We can repair broken lock sets
  32. We can remove a key that is broken and stuck
  33. If you have been the victim of a robbery, we do break-in repairs

What’s YOUR reason why Pro Locksmiths is better than the rest? Let us know!


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