Protect your home with a home security audit

If you don’t believe that a simple walk-around can identify the weak points in your home security, consider the case of Margaret and Ray, the retired Mississauga couple who were worried about break-ins after a rash of vandalism incidents occurred in their neighbourhood. “One of our friends told us to do an audit, but we’re not professionals,” recalls Ray. “He said never mind, think like a burglar!” As they walked around their one-and-a-half-storey bungalow, Margaret remembers feeling chilled at what she saw as ‘several opportunities’ for someone to get inside the house. That same day, they called Pro Locksmiths to make some needed upgrades.

While not everyone needs to upgrade their security – for example, you or previous owners of your home may have already pulled out all the stops on making the house secure – the fact is that many houses do need a tune-up. If you’ve ever locked your keys inside the house and managed to jimmy your way inside to get them, your house is definitely not secure! If you could find a way inside, so could a professional thief, or even an amateur desperate to get their hands on your valuables.

Though you aren’t a professional, here’s what you need to look for when assessing potential weak spots in your home’s security.

  1. Your doors: Are they solid? Yes, that includes the door on your shed, garage, and the door between the house and the garage – even if you live in a very nice neighbourhood, intruders often come from other neighbourhoods looking for expensive home maintenance equipment to steal!
  2. Your windows: Cat burglars aren’t the only ones who love windows. Think about it: if you were breaking into a home yourself, would you prefer pounding your way through an inch of wood or steel, or a thin pane of glass? Make sure your windows are always locked when the family is away from home, and consider adding motion sensors to windows as part of your home security package.
  3. Your locks: Do you have deadbolts? With new technology, your smart phone can even unlock them remotely. Everyone should invest in a high quality deadbolt for their home.
  4. Your garden: Lush trees and massive hedges may be your pride and joy, but they are also a potentially big payday for thieves, who rejoice at the opportunity to conceal their activities behind your foliage. Make sure that shrubs and trees are pruned down and that your house number is visible from the road, so in case your alarm is tripped, responders will be able to quickly identify your home.
  5. Your safes: While you probably think of your safe as boasting the most secure square footage in your entire house, the fact is that smaller safes are fairly easy for thieves to move and open at their leisure elsewhere, so when it comes to safes that will store your most valuable possessions, our motto is ‘go big’. The size alone will be a deterrent to all but the most determined thieves.

Doing a home security audit shouldn’t take too long, but what it reveals may scare you. Not to worry: Pro Locksmiths also conducts free home security audits! Whether you’ve already taken a look but are concerned about missing something, or whether you want to leave the job to the professionals, you can call us to schedule a professional audit that will provide you with practical recommendations for shoring up your home’s defenses. Call us today and rest easy this summer!


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