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You may have heard about a kind of theft that has unfortunately targeted seniors in the GTA lately, called distraction theft. Distraction theft occurs when a thief approaches an elderly person and strikes up a conversation, often using children, babies, or a fake ‘spouse’ to appear safe and to provide several distractions at once. The conversation ends in a friendly handshake, hand-kiss, or hug – during which the expert thief slides expensive jewellery off the target and replaces it with cheap costume pieces.

If this sounds completely crazy to you, that’s because you’re a law-abiding person who would never imagine taking advantage of someone this way. What distraction theft does, apart from hurt innocent victims, is demonstrate just how clever, crafty and ruthless thieves actually are. When a burglar wants to get his or her hands on your property, they will often go to any lengths to do so. That’s why you need to have Pro Locksmiths on speed dial. We’ll assess your property and provide a comprehensive report on how you can protect yourself against unscrupulous people who would like to make your home their personal bank machine. But even before you call us to your home, as a trusted Toronto locksmith, Pro Locksmiths is here to provide you with free security advice.

5 Home Security Hacks from your Residential Locksmith, Pro Locksmiths

  1. Put sensors on your doors and windows. Sensors are an inexpensive way to know if someone is trying to get in to your house, or if a child or elderly/infirm person is trying to get out.
  2. Use security signs even if you don’t really have anything to back it up. You can buy “Smile, you’re on camera” security decals online, hammer an alarm monitoring warning sign into your lawn, or just use your local “Neighbourhood Watch” sticker or the window decals that animal shelters send you when soliciting donations; indicate that you have 2 Dobermans inside, and thieves will think twice about whether to make your home a target.
  3. Lock the car sitting in your driveway and don’t leave the windows down. It’s shocking how many Canadians will leave their windows down on a hot day to avoid getting into a broiling car. Don’t be fooled: a determined thief will absolutely come onto your property and drive your car right off your own driveway. The same goes for leaving unsecured valuables, like a GPS system or even a bag of coins for the meter, visible in your car – it’s like giving candy to a baby for thieves who are on the lookout for careless homeowners.
  4. Don’t give yourself away. If you have a trick like hiding a spare key under a loose brick or jiggling the door handle just right to open it, the thief who’s been watching your home now knows the trick, too. Make your entry actions inconspicuous and fix any broken latches so there will no longer be a ‘trick’ to getting in.
  5. Get your locks rekeyed. The longer you have been in your home, the more people likely have (or could have) copied or found a key to the premises. Remember that person who’s no longer a family friend? Your cousin who has a drug problem, who used to house-sit? The babysitter who got a full time job? There’s three keys right there, floating around who knows where. Rekeying is an inexpensive and easy solution.

If you would like some more security hacks, we have an endless supply. Put Pro Locksmiths, your Toronto locksmith, on speed dial and give us a call today!



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