Repair or Replacement – How to Make the Decision

If your business premises are fitted with automatic doors then you already know what a valuable asset they are. Whether you operate from a store, offices, a warehouse or a mixture of all three, they perform the vital dual role of permitting convenient access while enforcing your security.

But what happens when they malfunction? There are two nightmare scenarios. One is a complete system failure when the doors are closed which means no one can get in or out. In these circumstances, your only option is the manual override, but this is inconvenient and only a very short-term solution. Even worse is the second scenario in which the doors fail in the open position, creating problems of security and heat loss.

Very often, you'll see warning signs that a fault is developing. Sometimes the problem could be with the power supply and connecting cables, or the controls themselves might fail. Occasionally there may be something wrong with the track. In many of these cases, the doors may function intermittently but you should get them professionally serviced as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, although most problems can be addressed with some repairs or new parts, there are times when your doors will have reached the end of their useful life and replacement is both a cheaper and a more reliable answer. So what are the signs that point to either of these solutions?

Signs Your Commercial Automatic Door Service Needs to Install Replacements

  • Your doors have suffered serious damage, such as being struck by a heavy object or subjected to excessive force. If anything has bent them out of shape, they probably need to be changed.
  • Minor faults are multiplying and becoming the rule rather than the exception.
  • Replacement parts are impossible or difficult to source.
  • Building regulations or safety standards have been updated, rendering your doors non-compliant.
  • Your doors look shabby and project a poor public image.

Signs That Interim Repairs Will Be Sufficient

  • The doors don't open until you are almost upon them or they don't open smoothly. This is likely to require replacement sensors.
  • The doors don't open to their full extent, don't stay open long enough once open or close too quickly or slowly. This may be a relatively simple matter of having their settings readjusted.
  • Doors which open when a visitor steps onto the mat both inside and outside develop a delay in opening. This is most likely another sensor problem.
  • Doors stick when only partially open. This might be caused by an obstruction that is nothing to do with the door. It might be simple to move, or if it has got into the mechanism, it can be removed by an engineer from your commercial automatic door service.
  • Mats are worn or glass panels are cracked. These are all components which can be replaced or repaired, and there's no need to go to the extent of fitting a new set of doors.

The importance of Service

Our best advice is not to wait until problems develop, but to ensure your automatic doors are regularly and professionally serviced.


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