Safe Installation

If you have expensive or heirloom belongings, whether it’s antique jewellery or passports or cash, that you would like to store more securely, you may have considered purchasing a safe. Or perhaps your business is such that a much larger secure storage area is required for your files or merchandise. Either way, Pro Locksmiths can help you with the purchase of a quality safe in Toronto. But what about installation? Most safes for home or business use are quite heavy. Let us save you the backbreaking work and effort by transporting and installing your new safe to the location of your choice.

Why professional safe installation?

There are many things that are safe to DIY, but safe installation usually isn’t one of them! A poorly installed safe can do more than damage the drywall; it can leave your precious possessions vulnerable to thieves and natural disasters like floods and fires. The technicians at Pro Locksmiths are trained on proper safe installation techniques. Here is an overview of the steps we take when correctly installing your safe:

  1. Help you determine an inconspicuous location. Where do you want your safe installed? A safe that is meant to contain tax records probably shouldn’t be put on the floor of a basement that’s prone to flooding. The installation area should also be free from electrical wires and plumbing. Burglary safes, which tend to have thick walls and be very heavy, should be placed in a location that can bear their weight. Depending on the nature of the safe and what you will be using it for, we will consider other areas such as closets, offices, and even the garage.
  2. Securely fit/affix your safe to the floor, wall, or under-floor. Safes must be properly fitted flush with the wall cavity or securely in the concrete or wood floor, not only for the security of your goods, but to ensure that you comply with the manufacturer’s warranty. Improper installation and fit of the safe can also render your insurance policy null and void if you ever have to file a claim.
  3. Clean up & maintenance. Our trained safe engineers will advise you on the proper maintenance of the safe going forward, provide a Pro Locksmiths technician’s contact info for future service, advise you about the warranty, and leave your home in a broom-swept condition.

Ongoing Safe Support

At Pro Locksmiths, we believe that professional safe installation is the key to ensuring your satisfaction for many years to come. However, our relationship with our clients does not end at the point of installation. You can count on our staff to provide courteous, timely service, whether you have a technical problem or have forgotten the combination to your new safe (it happens all the time!). If you move, we’ll move your safe with you – or if you need the safe relocated within your existing building for any reason, please let us know. We can also accommodate safe upgrades. For example, you may wish to augment the security on an existing safe or adapt its function for commercial purposes; our elite product lines and extensive experience make this possible.

For state of the art safes, expert installation and ongoing maintenance, call Pro Locksmiths. Our technicians will supply you with the right product to fit your security needs, and ensure that the safe is properly installed in your home, office, or commercial/industrial space. And we’ll be with you to answer your questions and address your service needs, for as long as you own your safe.


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