How to Secure Your House against Burglary and Fires

Home burglaries and fires are two of the most frequent types of security challenges in residential areas, so if you are wondering how to secure your house while you are not at home, you must, first of all, consider the measures to protect you against break-ins and fires.

There are basically two types of burglars: amateurs, who might break into your home using sheer force, like breaking windows and doors and professional burglars who plan in advance and have the right tools to pick not only simple, but also more sophisticated locks. Fires are also events that can devastate your home, but securing your home against them is much easier than against burglaries.

In what follows, we would like to provide a few tips about how to secure your house – you must bear in mind that burglars also improve their methods and you must stay one step ahead of them to be able to avoid break-ins.

Install a Security System

Electronic burglar alarms are among the most efficient ways to prevent burglaries. These security systems go off if the sensors installed in your home detect movement or the access points the sensors are connected to are tampered with. There are systems that emit loud acoustic signals, while others are silent, sending out the information about the break-in to the police or to the monitoring center of the security company.

Install Multiple Locks and Quality Hardware

Having one good lock on your door makes sure it closes properly – having several locks on the door makes sure burglars have a hard time opening it.

Another very important thing to consider when contemplating how to secure your house against burglary is the quality of the doors and the hardware mounted on them. The complexity of the locks is just as important as the quality and design of the mounting hardware – short screws will never secure your door as reliably as longer, let’s say 3-inch screw that fortify the entire door.

Windows also pose huge challenges when it comes to home security. Single glaze windows are obviously much easier to break in than more resistant laminate windows, but if you have no way to replace your conventional panes with double glazing or special panes, it can help a lot to make sure your window is properly installed.

Fire Alarms

If you are wondering how to secure your house against fire, you must know that it is actually much easier than making your home burglar-proof – all you need is an efficient fire alarm. A fire alarm is an integrated system of smoke detectors that communicate with an acoustic system or it informs a monitoring center about the smoke.

If you are looking for professional advice about how to secure your home against burglars and fires and you also need a company that can install your security system and make improvements that enhance the security of your doors and windows in Toronto, check the offers of Pro Locksmith; their professional products and installation services will surely give you the peace of mind you are looking for.





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