Security for Commercial and Corporate Clients

Security solutions for commercially zoned buildings, especially storefront businesses and warehouses require an attention to detail and knowledge of the specific safety issues facing those locations.

While securing inventory and retail items may not seem as important as ensuring the safety of an apartment or family home, at Pro Locksmiths we know that loss-prevention measures start at the front door. Even if no one is hurt or present during a commercial robbery the repercussions of a large loss to a small-business can impact all those who depend upon that business to support their family and provide them with security. The lack of a feeling of safety after such a violations often hits hardest at home and we mean to prevent our clients from ever having to go through that.

When taking precautions against losses and unauthorized entry, business-owners like home-owners should invest in security measures that prevent those with bad intentions from ever attempting to gain access at all. With state-of-the-art automatic doors, electronic locksets, CCTV systems and intercoms your storefront or property will dissuade would-be intruders right from the gate. These also grant an added benefit of personal safety for those working late, closing-up or who need to access the grounds legitimately outside business hours. Your employees are an irreplaceable resource and their safety and security is always a great investment.

There are always those who see security as a sign that there is something worth finding behind it. For those instances, we provide high-quality hinges and durable commercial hardware for security doors which will stand up to the day-to-day use, which means they'll remain secure against a possible break-in, precisely when you need them most. If someone does manage to gain entry to your facility there is the added safety of custom access points throughout the building and further internal measures which, when combined with quality monitoring systems, will show those without permission to be there that the easiest thing for them to do is go out the way they came in. visit source And then not return.

To add further security and peace-of-mind to your business we offer high-tech safes and vaults which can be designed to add fire protection so that you never have to worry that your documents or merchandise could be harmed in case of emergency.

With our range of products and styles of hardware you can secure your properties without detracting from the overall aesthetic. Your business doesn't have to look like an industrial compound just to be safe. We offer elegant hardware, visibility and security solutions which retain functionality while beautifying your business for those you want to welcome.

Call us for a consultation and we'll go through every step of the process together to make sure you find the proper and affordable solution to your security concerns. Our technicians will always continue to seek out new ways to keep you safe and show you how much we appreciate you putting your trust in our family.

When you need a commercial locksmith in Toronto or any locksmith service, think of Pro Locksmiths Toronto first because we put you first and we're committed to finding you the right solution for the right price to all your security needs.


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