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The world has moved on from large shipping containers with bolted on chains and gigantic pad-locks and likewise those without the purest intentions have graduated from crowbars and bolt-cutters. Because of this evolution in security and anti-security measures, your company needs to know that they can count upon whoever they choose to have the very finest and up-to-date technology solutions. So you can keep your staff, facilities, merchandise and data completely secure.

The oldest known lock was found by archeologists in the Khorsabad palace ruins near Nineveh and is estimated to be approximately 4,000 years old. Which means that people have been taking what didn't belong to them for at least that amount of time. The methods they use haven't stopped evolving. Which is why you should choose a locksmith who is aware of the trends as they develop and can put measures out in front of them, for you, which means you won't be the lesson everyone has to learn to implement it in the first place.

The most basic prevention from unnecessary loss and unauthorized entrance is a door with a standard tumbler lock with a physical key. While becoming more complex and having varied forms of authentication through new and inventive ways of designing the individual locks, they are all basically of the same general design and therefore susceptible to skilled intruders.

Here are some new methods for your first-line defense and how they can help you, all of which we at Pro Locksmiths can provide and install throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Security Lock Options

Whatever choice you make in a lock for your home or business there are various means of gaining entry available to you, your family or staff which maintain the integrity of your space and allow people to move freely in and out while not compromising the investment you've made in securing the premises.

Passwords and pass-phrases are convenient for electronic locks of various makes and models to suit your aesthetic or particular security needs. They are easily remembered codes which people carry in their mind not their wallet and add another level of security.

Security tokens require physical presence and an item such as a smart card or PDA with infra-red transfer capability to interact with the device maintaining your lock and keeps people from worrying that they'll forget a password.

Biometrics can be implemented for the higher-security needs and combined with fingerprint, retinal scanning or voiceprint indentification they ensure the person attempting to gain entry is indeed the person you have authorized.

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is implemented with a tag or FOB and uses radio-waves to move small amounts of data to the control mechanism in a lock which can recognize authorized users from several meters away and beyond the line of sight so people move freely throughout a facility while the lock can activate quickly between each access.

We are available to advise and plan the implementation of all these measures so you never have to feel that you're alone when deciding the best way to safe-guard your valuables whether they're loved-ones or merchandise.


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