In-service training helps Pro Locksmiths serve you better

Legitimate locksmiths can do all manner of things to help improve the security of your doors; our services go well beyond simply changing the locks! Sometimes only a re-key is necessary. This is when a lock is altered by a professional locksmith so that only a new key can operate it. Sometimes we can reinforce wooden doors around a lock by installing metal sheeting to wrap around the door. Or we can add extra wood to a loose-fitting wooden door frame and attach the strike plate with extra-long screws for added deadbolt security. We know all the tips and tricks to make your doors – and your home in general – more secure.

How do we stay abreast of the best techniques and technologies in the security industry? With ongoing in-service training that sets us apart from many other locksmiths in Toronto.

What is in-service training, and why does it matter?

In-service training simply refers to continuous learning for practicing locksmiths like the dedicated technicians at Pro Locksmiths. In order to serve you better and ensure that your home or business is protected to the utmost, we must stay up to date with things like building codes, new technologies in the security field, and operational best practices. Security technology is changing all the time, so in order to offer you the very best, we undergo continuous training in the form of seminars, trade shows, and online learning modules offered by our trusted manufacturing partners, which include some of the biggest names in the security business.

Our ongoing training allows us to perform high-quality, reliable locksmith services across the GTA such as:

  • Installing, adjusting and repairing locks, window bars and key control/keyless entry systems
  • Installing and repairing electric strikes and electronic hardware
  • Making keys, including master keys and automobile keys
  • Opening cylinders without a key, using a lock pick
  • Changing lock combinations
  • Installing, adjusting and repairing residential, commercial, automotive and institutional locksets
  • Opening, installing, rebuilding, moving, servicing and changing combinations on safes and vaults
  • Installation and maintenance of security systems
  • Repairing and replacing door hardware, including hinges, electric mechanisms and doors

Safety doesn’t have to break the bank

Pro Locksmiths is not only dedicated to in-service training, wherein our technicians continue to develop their skills even when they’ve already reached expert-level locksmith status; we also believe that security should be affordable. No matter how innovative, advanced or intricate the security system we devise to meet your needs, you can count on us for fair and competitive pricing. So if you’re concerned about home security this summer, protect your family and your valuables by calling Pro Locksmiths for a free security assessment. We’ll send a professional technician to your door to examine any vulnerable spots, such as the patio or ground floor windows, and provide recommendations on how to improve your security.

Or if you worry about your office, storefront or storage facility being compromised, we’ll be able to pinpoint any obsolete security measures and carry out the appropriate upgrades so your business is as secure as it can possibly be made.

Continuous learning…the latest technologies and products…fair and competitive pricing. That’s Pro Locksmiths!


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