How technology is changing with front door lock systems

At Pro Locksmiths, we absolutely love it when a customer comes into our showroom and asks about the latest and greatest in front door lock systems. We love locks, and we love helping GTA home and business owners protect their property and valuables! The thing is, in order to be able to answer questions like this intelligently and comprehensively, we don’t just say ‘Wait one moment, please’ and quickly hop onto Google. We actually live and breathe this stuff. So, how is it possible for our staff to be so knowledgeable in the ever-changing world of home security?

We believe that in-service training is one of the most important aspects of being a professional locksmith in Toronto. It’s absolutely imperative that we stay current on new advances in technology, building codes and locksmith best practices. That’s why you’ll find Pro Locksmiths in attendance at industry trade shows and seminars, online learning modules offered by our manufacturers, and other security courses and events.

The sum total of all this knowledge, we try to distill for you in these monthly articles. So without further ado, here’s what you need to know about front door lock systems!


When it comes to front door technology, Smart locks are where it’s at.

Smart locks have been on the market for a few years now and, as the name suggests, they do far more than a conventional manual lock. Basically, they can either supplement or completely replace your traditional front door lock. Some of the benefits of Smart locks include:

  • Keyless entry via the controlling Smart phone (no more searching for lost keys or fumbling in your purse!)
  • Allow you to receive alerts when someone enters, leaves, or attempts to enter your home
  • Allows you to send digital ‘keys’ to trusted people who need entry at certain times, like guests when you’re not home, or the cleaning lady who comes regularly. These keys do expire
  • Remote keyless entry when you are away from home. This is perfect for when you’re expecting a delivery; you can unlock the door, allowing the delivery person to safe drop the parcel inside, then lock the door behind the person
  • Compatible with other security technologies such as programmable lighting, Smart doorbells that allow you to remotely see who is at the door before you unlock it, etc.


Great security for your front door, even without Smart tech

Some people aren’t interested in Smart technology but simply want an excellent, reliable front door lock system. There are advantages of the old-fashioned electronic systems; for example, since they typically use rechargeable batteries, you will never come home to a ‘dead’ lock. You will likely also pay less, even for a top of line product. But don’t think these front door lock systems are archaic; far from it. Here are 3 recommendations for amazing non-Smart based front door tech:


This system uses induction to invisibly port power across the door gap to run electrified hardware on the door without pins or wires, meaning vastly reduced wear and tear, and eliminating the need to core drill the door for installation.

2. DKC Two-Door Controller

Another offering from Securitron, this time for small business. The Digital Keypad Controller provides easily programmable, cost-effective, easy to install control of up to two electrically locked doors. The programming tool allows for employees to enter credentials and security data, among many other options.

3. Kwikset 264 TRL Traditional Electronic Deadbolt

Add up to 6 user codes with this lock which is operated by key outside or electronic keypad and thumb turn inside. It locks after just 30 seconds for peace of mind, and is certainly the easiest on the list for DIY installation!

All these locks are ‘smart’ depending on your needs. Swing by the showroom today for expert advice on locks and more!


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