The Importance of High Security Door Locks for Warehouses

It's impossible to underestimate the importance of warehouse security. More than offices and shops, warehouses will always be prime targets for criminals looking for a profitable haul with a minimal chance of being challenged. By its very appearance, a warehouse is advertising the presence of high value goods in large quantities. For that reason, most warehouse owners will invest in high tech security cameras, state-of-the-art alarm systems and teams of highly trained security guards. These are all excellent resources, but you shouldn't overlook the first and often most effective line of defense.

High Security Door Locks

All security measures are designed to thwart break-ins and prevent theft, but only one measure really addresses the problem at the earliest stage, by keeping intruders out. Guards, cameras and alarms all require human agency, but high security door locks, once installed, provide protection without the need for any other active steps. A warehouse security lock is a permanent defense, 24/7.

Types of Warehouse Lock

Firstly there are padlocks. These are ideal for perimeter security on gates and warehouse docking stations. The very best of them are extremely strong, made from hardened steel and virtually impossible to break or cut. In many cases it is the gates and fences around them which are more vulnerable. Fit a heavy-duty padlock and there's a good chance you'll stop an intruder before they set foot on your property.

Should your outer defenses fail you'll rely on a deadbolt lock. Again, strength is the main issue and a thick, heavy deadbolt can resist the most destructive attempts to break in. Although it may not be practical to fit a deadbolt to every door in your building, the main access doors and any which lead to particularly valuable items or sensitive material should be given this protection.

The secondary doors inside the building should all be lockable. The mechanisms on these doors tend to be breachable with things like credit cards or some other type of feeler gauge. If your main security has been effective this needn't be an issue, but for extra peace of mind you should make sure these internal doors have the most robust locks you can find, and if possible every one of them should ideally have a deadbolt.

The Properties of Warehouse Security Locks

An expert locksmith is the best person to advise you on what you need but the basic attributes to look out for are these. The metal content is a major consideration. However sophisticated the mechanism, if it defeats a determined criminal they will resort to brute force and that means strength matters. Cylinder complexity matters too, because even if it doesn't prevent the use of physical force, it can significantly slow down an intruder and potentially discourage them.

A slightly different issue, but just as significant is the matter of key blank accessibility. Your locks are no defence against a disgruntled ex or current employee who has access to the keys and can make copies. The solution is to invest in locks with patented keys. This is not fool-proof - no security ever can be - but unless someone is so determined as to get hold of a patent breaker key, you can breathe easily.


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