Toronto Burglars Steal More than Riches

Last month, Toronto Police arrested 8 people in connection with an organized break-and-enter ring that robbed over two dozen high-end homes in Toronto. While break and enter is actually on the decline in Toronto, thieves are still going where the getting is good - and often, that means targeting homes in wealthy neighbourhoods where the perception is that there will be more expensive items to be had. While many such organized rings involve at least one insider who helps gain access to a home, in this case, the thieves were discovered with a large number of break-in tools, suggesting that they were forcing their way into the residences.

While one has to wonder what type of home security systems were in use at the time of the break-ins, the fact is that the thieves were able to get away with half a million dollars’ worth of cash, jewellery, electronics and collectables. It’s a pretty safe bet that the homes were either not adequately protected with high security locks or electronic security systems, or that the residents were not currently using their security equipment to its fullest at the time of the break-ins. For example, an electronic security system is no good if it’s not armed, and deadbolts are no good if they are left unlocked. This is not to blame the victim; it is a simple fact that precisely because Toronto is generally so safe, people can become complacent and feel as though a break-in couldn’t happen to them. It can.


Does enhancing security measures really prevent break-ins?

Another major case in late 2016 where over $200,000 of jewellery and electronics was taken involved a pair of thieves who, after ringing doorbells to make sure nobody was home, gained access through the basement windows and rear doors of several homes with the help of simple burglary tools. This points out some of the often-overlooked aspects of home security: at-grade windows, seldom-used doors, entrances obscured by high fences or greenery...all prime targets for burglars.

A good way to deter this type of unlawful entry is to book a security audit with Pro Locksmiths. Over and above the advice we can provide to homeowners who wish to determine the weak spots in their home security, we can actually come to the residence or commercial building and do a thorough inspection of the property, documenting any areas where security needs to be enhanced or overhauled to achieve optimum safety and security. We can then design custom security solutions for the needs of residential, commercial, industrial and municipal customers that range from installing a deadbolt to installing a complex electronic security system complete with code access and CCTV. It all depends on your own unique situation, who you wish to have access, and what you are trying to protect.


Burglary is a crime that takes more than riches

What most victims of burglary report is that, more than worldly goods, the burglars took something else: their peace of mind. Most people report no longer feeling safe in their homes; whether anything was ever recovered or not, the mere fact that a stranger has invaded what was supposed to be their sanctuary leaves many with a feeling of being violated. In addition, victims only have a small chance of retrieving their stolen items if a thief is caught – and break and enters have a notoriously low clearance (solve) rate anyway; only about a quarter of break-in cases are actually solved.

If you own a property in the GTA, don’t let a thief steal your sense of security in your own home; you’ve worked too hard for that. Call Pro Locksmiths, your residential locksmith in the GTA, and invest in a security update to keep you and your family safe.



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