We Love Being Toronto’s Best Locksmiths

We love Toronto. It has become for us a home: a family with whom we have grown.

How It All Began

In the heat of 1983, we saw a need, a void that needed to be filled. Thus our decision to set up shop tending to the doors, and locks and safes in need of professional locksmith services around the greater Toronto area.

For almost forty years, Pro Locksmiths has served this area, ensuring the industry-standard practices, and unrivaled levels of professionalism. 

Over the years, we have grown to become a part of this community and the people in it.

A Journey in Understanding 

Day after day, month after month, year after year, we studied the challenges with regard to locks in the Toronto area, taking steps to safeguard and serve the people of the community efficiently every passing day. 

Over the years, Pro Locksmiths has put concerted efforts into researching some of the most esoteric lock solutions for the population of Toronto. 

With increasing migration from other nations, as well as other localities within Canada, Pro Locksmiths continues to strive towards ensuring functional locksmith solutions of the inhabitants of Toronto.  

The Journey into Service

During the past few decades, we have served the inhabitants of Toronto in terms of providing adequate lock options, as well as maintenance and emergency locksmith services. Over time, we have learned that the way up is down and that the true leaders serve. This has been our pledge over the years. We live to serve for the greater good and development of the Toronto area. 

The Joy of Service

For us, the joy of our service lies in seeing the smiles on our clients' faces post-job.

Under the watchful eyes of our service, boys and girls have become men and women. We have been able to be a part of a crime-free community with an amazing record of burglary attempts. 

The Fruits of Our Labor

Over the years, we have built a relationship as well as a reputation with our clients. We have made clients, friends, and dare we say, family. 

By creating a track record of innovative solutions to the dynamic infrastructural development which Toronto has seen over the years, we have built a reputation of service and reliability. 

Need A Locksmith in Toronto? Why Wait?

At Pro Locksmiths, we ensure the best possible solution to every challenge, ensuring that every case is handled while ascertaining the peculiarity of the case. We have the experience, the track record, the expertise, and the technology to offer you the best locksmith services in the Toronto area.

Feel free to contact our responsive team of customer care representatives, and you’d be glad you did. 


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