What has changed in front door security over the last 100 years?

Front door security in the early 20th century usually meant a yard dog, a servant, or at most a simple latch. High net worth individuals wishing to protect their property could invest in armed guards, thick hedges and shrubbery, wrought iron gates topped with spikes…and perhaps even a moat! The most common form of security was simply the individual, be he (or she) a guard, servant, employee or owner; if you were not recognized as a friend, you might be denied entry, or if you were known, you could be admitted on the strength of your identity alone.

As rural populations who had never locked their doors and used their fences only to contain livestock, began to move into the urban landscape more and more, it finally became important to invest in more secure locks and better-constructed doors that could deter vandals and thieves.

Business and industry, as it grew, also embraced security advances necessitated by the large volumes of inventory being generated and the larger numbers of employees requiring access to the workplace. Special areas of concern, such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and anywhere else housing vulnerable populations, were identified. It became clear that something more than being recognized by a friend or having a good story, was going to be needed to gain entry into such institutions.

Advances in Front Door Security

This might be a little scary, but did you know that no locksmith affiliation is needed to purchase lock picking, key cutting, and key re-keying equipment online? This makes it pretty easy for would-be burglars to get the tools they need to break into your home. But manufacturers of both manual and electronic lock and key systems have been fighting back with locks and security systems that are quality assured and tested to ensure they discourage break-ins.

Systems can include the entire front door itself, including rolling shutters, thermal pane glass, alarm keypad systems, swipe card systems, motion sensors, cameras, or just the locking mechanism itself, depending on the needs of the home or business owner. Systems are available for both home and business that help ensure:

  • Key control
  • Break-in resistance
  • Weather and temperature protection
  • Noise reduction
  • Attractive match to your home’s architecture
  • Energy efficiency

High Tech Security Solutions for Business

Large corporations and industrial complexes can afford to spend thousands on their security and ongoing monitoring, but what about small to mid-size businesses? Owners may not feel that their premises is entirely secure; there may be employees who quit without returning their keys, or blind spots where the security cameras can’t reach. On the flip side, such business owners don’t necessarily need or want to lock up their premises like Fort Knox, or hire guards. So they may simply worry about security and liability issues without knowing what to do about them.

At Pro Locksmiths, we understand the unique challenges faced by smaller businesses, and we offer a wide range of solutions to meet the growing and changing needs of commerce. We can retrofit your existing hardware to create a single secure system for you; recommend electronic systems with advanced features like time control, reporting and the ability remove keys instantly; and expertly install locks that have pick and drill resistance features to block forced entry.

If you’re worried about security, just know that a lot has changed in the past hundred years! Call Pro Locksmiths for a free consultation and security assessment today.



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