What Makes Commercial and Industrial Steel Doors So Favourable?

You only have to walk around the streets of any town or city to notice that traditional wooden doors are being replaced by steel doors, not just at industrial sites but in stores and other commercial buildings. Why is this turning into a trend? There are some persuasive reasons why wood has fallen out of favour and steel has risen in popularity.

Cost of Commercial Steel Doors

Firstly, there are long-term cost savings. A steel door is usually cheaper to buy and install than a fibreglass one. They can indeed be more expensive than a basic wooden version, but if you want anything more intricate or made from a particular high-quality timber, then steel will be more affordable.

In any case, the initial cost isn't the only consideration. Commercial steel doors have a much longer life—decades rather than years—and they are comparatively simple to maintain. Fibreglass is more easily damaged, whereas wood is more susceptible to the environment, resulting in peeling and warping. Steel is naturally resistant to cracking, bowing and rust, if correctly prepared.

Security and Safety

Some wooden and most fibreglass doors are fire-rated, but this does not mean they are fireproof. They will buy you time, but their resistance probably won't last as long as that of commercial steel doors. What's more, steel can handle much higher temperatures, so they are the sensible option if you're concerned about safety.

As for security, there's no contest. Even if your day's cash has been safely banked, you're likely to have valuable inventory and information stored on your premises, which makes you a target. Intruders will have a considerably tougher time breaking down a steel door, and it will also provide far better protection against corrosive chemicals, gunfire, and whatever else crooks may throw at them.

Energy Efficiency

We all understand the importance of energy conservation, not just for the sake of the environment, but also because every business wants to keep expenses as low as possible. Steel doors are just as good at keeping the heat in as they are at keeping people out. They can withstand heavy traffic and severe climatic conditions. They also offer different kinds of heat retention features, including honeycomb cores and both polystyrene and polyurethane insulation layers. Trying to apply adequate insulation to wood, aluminum, or fibreglass is challenging, expensive and not as effective.

Sound Proofing

The capacity of commercial steel doors to restrict sound from spilling out of your premises or into them from outside is a bonus. If your business involves the use of loud machinery, it will do wonders for your relationship with the neighbours to have doors that trap the sound inside. Equally, if you're located in a very busy part of town, it's a great advantage to have a working environment undisturbed by the sounds of traffic and crowds.


Steel is much more resistant to bacteria and other impurities than wood. It's slow to contaminate and quick to clean.

Wrapping Up

If you're moving into new premises, or planning a refit, now is the time to consider upgrading to steel doors. It's a decision you won't regret.


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