What to expect in front door hardware for 2016

Just like couture, cars and phones, front door hardware has its own styles and trends which dominate the industry for a period of time. While quality materials and expert workmanship never go out of style, there are definite trends in door hardware that we can expect to see next year, as overall construction and building styles change and the fixtures change to match. While top manufacturers often augment or adapt existing product lines, some release entirely new product lines to stay on trend. Pro Locksmiths stays abreast of these trends to offer you the finest in front door hardware so you can keep up with the Joneses in 2016.

Door Hardware Replacement

Your doors tend to be something you don’t think about unless there’s a problem. So ask yourself, is there a problem? Sometimes doors let in too much of a draft, are difficult to close, or are simply unattractive; when replacing these, you can also consider changing/upgrading the door hardware (handles and knobs) to better complement your spanking new door. Or you might want to extend the life of a high traffic area door whose hinges have been damaged or whose knob simply doesn’t turn properly anymore from wear and tear. Pro Hardware not only carries a huge selection of door hardware like hinges, knobs, closers and handles, we also will install it for you, as well as, you guessed it, new locks. We’re committed to making sure that every part of your door looks and works just right.

Finest Quality Door Hardware

Attractive, trending door hardware starts with excellent quality materials and an expert manufacturing process. Pro Locksmiths sells door hardware…

  • That looks exceptional, but also is made to stand the test of time
  • That is simple and manual or complex and electronic – we have it all
  • That satisfies ergonomic requirements
  • That is crafted from quality materials like solid brass, which is naturally corrosion-resistant
  • That is heat-forged, to produce stronger, heavier products
  • That supports light, medium, and heavy duty applications, for all your residential and commercial needs
  • That is designed not only for entry doors but also internal doors, drawers and cabinets
  • In a wide spectrum of colours, textured and finishes
  • In a variety of distinct styles like Contemporary, Modern, and Rustic

Affordable Pricing for Front Door Hardware

Whether you want a single unique, ornate door knocker or are looking to carry a consistent design throughout all the doors in your home, our elegant hardware collections bring the right style and function to your home. However, you might be surprised that our vast product range is competitively priced, so you don’t have to compromise on other areas of renovation that need your attention. You really can have it all.

On Trend for 2016

So what will the new year bring when it comes to door hardware? Expect clean, contemporary lines and a clean aesthetic to dominate. Other hot trends include internationally-inspired designs, from minimalist Japanese to ornate Russian. Visit our showroom to see the new lines for yourself!




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