What’s new in the “safe” industry?

The name says it all: Safes are supposed to keep your belongings, well, safe. Modern safes promise to do so in a variety of ways, from repelling all kinds of human attacks (crowbars, blowtorch, explosives, drills) to natural disasters (fires, floods, smoke, humidity). If you’re in the market for a safe, you may already be asking ‘what’s new in the safe industry’ so you can take advantage of the latest cutting-edge theft-and-disaster repellent features. We hate to break it to you but…you may be disappointed.


The safe industry is an old industry

Despite all their potential bells and whistles, all safes are comprised of the same elements: five sides and a door. Unlike in Hollywood, where supervillains cut through solid steel with laser beams, the things that make your safe ‘safe’ haven’t changed much in the last 20 years. And that’s okay, because you’re ultimately looking for safety and security of your precious belongings, which the safes we stock at Pro Locksmiths all provide – no matter what you are looking to keep safe. Whether you prefer a digital locking system with time locks that prevent the safe from being opened while activated – whether someone has the combination or not – or a conventional, mechanical combination lock design, we’ve got the right safe to suit your requirements and budget.


Choosing the right safe

Pro Locksmiths carries the best safes for residential and commercial customers – recognizing that both have very different needs. For example, a jewelry store owner may require a top of line safe, not only to protect his or her priceless inventory, but also to satisfy insurance company requirements. In this case, we need to discuss what other security the store owner has, because the safe is the last line of defense against theft. Obviously, the ideal scenario is to prevent attacks, not repel them, by ensuring burglars never make it as far as the safe! Because we are security experts, we look at the whole picture for our clients in the GTA (alarm systems, motion activated lighting, CCTV etc), as opposed to just trying to sell a top of line product like the ISM Super Platinum (UL TRTL-60x6) which is used in the diamond industry to a restaurant owner or homeowner who really doesn’t need it.

So, what are some of the things to think about when planning to purchase a safe? While we’ll provide the expert advice on makes, models and features, it’s good to know a bit about safes in advance.

  • Locks: If choosing an electronic lock, make sure you go for the EMP-resistant type, so that an electromagnetic pulse tool will not disrupt the mechanism. We recommend a redundant lock which contains a failsafe in the form of a mechanical and electronic lock in one unit.
  • Safe placement: Depending on the size, you will be able to install your own safe. Our technicians also perform expert installations and more importantly, they are 100% trustworthy, which in the security industry can matter more than the type and quality of safe you purchase! The location of your safe should be a balance between the importance of keeping it hidden and the ease of accessibility/lighting so you will actually use it.
  • Anchoring: Yes! The easiest way for thieves to get into small safes is simply to pick them up and walk out, so definitely anchoring is a deterrent.
  • Size: We recommend you always get more safe than you think you need, because a safe is meant to last decades – and most of us accumulate more valuables and/or items of extreme sentimental importance than we think we will, over time.

The safe industry can be confusing. Let Pro Locksmiths help you find exactly what you need.


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