What’s the Difference Between a Latch and a Deadbolt Lock?

When it comes to choosing a lock, the only thing that matters is that it provides the highest level of security. It needs to be easy to use but guaranteed to keep intruders out. Locking mechanisms for front doors tend to be one of two types: a single latch or a deadbolt. They do the same job, but there are marked differences in the way they do it in terms of both design and operation. Any Canadian locksmith will tell you that both have advantages and disadvantages. As the best locksmith in Toronto, we feel ideally qualified to advise, based on our years of experience.

Which is More Popular?

Latches are most commonly used. They're spring-loaded with an angled end, and they retract when you turn the door handle. The latch interacts with the strike plate when you close the door, locking it in place when completely extended. Deadbolts are perfectly straight, with no angle, and they reach further into the door frame than latches.

The Main Difference

A door with a latch mechanism is opened using a door handle, whereas deadbolts require keys. A spring latch locks automatically and can be opened from the inside without a key. On the face of it, this suggests that a latch is more convenient, but a deadbolt might be more secure. This is not necessarily so.

As you would expect from the best locksmith in Toronto, we've seen everything there is to see when it comes to locks, security, and the efforts of intruders to break in. The way we see it, latches and deadbolts are indeed different, but the best option is to use them in combination.

What Every Locksmith in Canada Knows

Any locksmith will tell customers the ease of use they find with a spring latch needs to be augmented by the added security of a deadbolt. Even though the latch can shift, the deadbolt is firmly locked in place with a key, preventing anyone from jimmying or picking the lock.

There are other vulnerabilities to a latch lock which stem from its convenience because if an intruder can get a hand inside a nearby window or even break a pane of glass, they might be able to unlatch the door. A deadbolt makes this impossible.

Another Solution from the Best Locksmith in Toronto

Using a latch and a deadbolt together is far better than using either on its own. The only slight drawback is that you'll need keys to unlock the door not just to enter but also to exit, which negates the convenience of the latch lock. The alternative is to use a keyless lock and a keyless deadbolt. This kind of mechanism is pick-proof and bump-proof. It also eliminates the need for you to carry keys, with the constant possibility of losing them or having them stolen. Instead, all you require is a basic code that provides you with continuous, trouble-free accessibility while guaranteeing that no unauthorized individuals gain access. If you're consulting any locksmith in Canada, please bear our advice in mind and get the best security possible.


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