Who may need a home safe? What would you use it for?

You think you’ve got everything covered: your premises are protected by a monitored alarm system, you’ve got excellent quality locks on all the doors and windows, and you even have a dog. Isn’t a bit paranoid to think you’re not actually protected? You certainly feel safe in your home…until a freak storm hits Toronto, causing your basement to flood – and wipes out the precious invoices, passports, identification and tax records you had stored there.

If this has happened to you or someone you know, you might be a good candidate for a home safe.

Who may need a home safe?

Home safes aren’t just for people with piles of diamonds and pearls to stash! Most of us have incredibly valuable possessions, whether we know it or not. Think of what you would grab if a fire broke out in your home. Are these goods scattered throughout your house? For example, do you have your passport in a sleeve inside your suitcase, your children’s’ birth certificates in a filing cabinet, and the only surviving picture of your grandmother in a drawer in your bedroom? How could you possibly grab all these precious items at once? You couldn’t. Something would get forgotten or left behind. But if you had a home safe, all these essential documents would all be in the same secure, easily accessible space.

Here are some other reasons to invest in a home safe:

-You’re worried about fire or theft

-You have items that are hard to replace, but not necessarily priceless to others – like bank records, health records, marriage license, etc.

-You want a larger secure space than what is offered by a bank’s safety deposit box

-You have a firearm but are not a collector, so you don’t have a separate gun safe, but wish to keep your weapon secured within your home

-Your living arrangement is such that there are things you need to keep private and secure from the other people sharing your home

Even if you are a single person living alone, and don’t think you really have anything worth protecting, you probably do. What about family members who would want to know your last wishes if something were to happen to you? Most people agree that a will should be well-protected; it’s literally the perfect document to put into your home safe.

How to use a home safe

There are many different types of safes available on the market, with various ratings according to their performance. For example, some safes are fire-resistant, buying you the precious minutes you need to remove your treasured items and evacuate. Others are extremely resistant to tampering and unauthorized access – perfect if you have sums of cash that you want to protect from burglars, who aren’t likely to have the sophisticated cutting tools, or the time, required to gain access to your home safe.

At Pro Locksmiths, we can advise you on the right type of safe for your storage needs. But these days, our clients are often very educated on the different types of products and actually come into our showroom with a good idea of what they want; sometimes even with a brand and model number, in mind. Thanks to our knowledge of home safes, we will recommend the best option for you and then install your new safe in the right place, where it will maximize the security of your goods from external and internal threats.


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