Who Needs Sliding Automated Doors And Why?

Automated sliding doors refer to doors programmed to open and close based on pedestrian activity. Such doors do not need to be manually opened or closed by the users as is the case with traditional doors. Thus, as a result, the users need not bother about depressing a doorknob to gain access to the other end. These sliding doors also tend to conserve space as they are designed to slide close and open, using the most minimal surface area for operation.

While we all want the ease and finesse of having a door open and close at the sensing of our presence, there are some other reasons why individuals may prefer a sliding automated door. Some of these include:

  1. Ease of use and access

An automated sliding door is easier to use in comparison with traditional doors. All you need to do is walk towards the said door and it opens up. No need to push a button or worse, turn a knob. Moving in and out of buildings is much easier now. You do not have to worry about opening and shutting doors.

  1. Aesthetically pleasing

An automated sliding door is more of a beauty to behold. No matter what your house looks like, a glass door that slides open at the motion of a visitor is definitely a sell. It represents the highest level of sophistication in simplicity with regard to doors in general. 

  1. Protection from elements

An automated sliding door is a safer bet in comparison with conventional doors in terms of keeping the weather out. It has a better heat retention capability and keeps the cold out for good. Therefore, it is safe to say that an automated sliding door is a formidable tool against rash weather conditions. 

  1. More space

Sliding doors tend to take up minimum areas thereby creating the illusion of space in smaller rooms. This is very much unlike its extremely sturdy and rigid counterpart which makes a statement of its own. 

Who Needs an Automated Sliding Door?

In truth, most of us would love to have automated sliding doors, however, some individuals need such doors for real life reasons. Below are some of such reasons: 

  1. Physically challenged and senior citizens: People who are physically challenged or have physically challenged family members need automated sliding doors. This is because it allows for easy movement. Using these doors in such situations makes movement around the house easy for the disabled person. Also, it allows for the easy movement of wheelchairs and other medical aids.
  2. Smart Homes: People who would like to join the rave of smart homes, would need an automated sliding door so as to successfully implement efficient smart home solutions. Ensure to check with Pro Locksmiths to obtain guidelines for such integrations.
  3. Pet owners: Pets can be very difficult to keep an eye on. Thus the need to effectively manage the areas they can access. Automated sliding doors will help keep your pets in check and ensure that you do not need to get up from your couch every time your cat wants to get into the living area.
  4. People who want more space: Unlike the traditional everyday door, automated sliding doors do not take up as much space in a house. This may be attributed to the streamlined structure of these doors. 

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