Why You Need a Safe in Your Home

Your home might be the safest place to dwell in—after all, people say there is no place like home. And for good reason.

Your home is where we live with our loved ones, and put them to sleep, kissing them goodnight every night, smiling and knowing they will be there in the morning. Home is also where we keep our documents, computers and external hard drive and other valuables such as money and jewelries depending on whom you ask.

While this makes sense, it is important to understand that your home is vulnerable. An accident can occur in an instant, and all the things you treasure the most, could get lost.

That is why you need a safe in your home. It is wisdom to invest your money on a safe, because it might just prove to be the singular factor which protects you from an irrecoverable loss.

A safe will also give you peace of mind when you’re away from home, as you’ll rest assured that valuable paperwork, and other items are locked away somewhere secure.

What to Protect in Your Safe:

Before you get carried away, think of the things that are most valuable to you. And no, I don’t mean your shoes. I mean the real valuables, the things you cannot replace easily. Think of your external hard drive with your 5-year research documents, your will, your insurance policies, your passports and your birth records. And even your firearms if you have children at home.

Types of Safes:

There are several types of safes, and it is important to select the right one(s) to protect your valuables. There is not a single-known law that forbids having multiple safes, so feel free to get more than one to suit various needs.

1) Wall safe: The wall safes are great for storing paperwork and photographs, but are not ideal for jewelries and heavier items, because they are usually not made to support that much weight. Most times they offer little protection against a fire outbreak, and they usually offer little storage space.

But they can be helpful in securing your valuables without doubt. You can hide them from plain sight by hanging a portrait over. They are also easy to access, and mostly require a combination.

2) Floor safe: These types of safes are your best bet for storing heavier items like your jewelry, hard drive, and other precious items. They are very flexible, they contain enough space, plus they are usually installed in the floor for maximum security. You can hide them out of plain sight by simply spreading a rug over the floor.

3) Weapon safe: It isn’t ideal to keep your weapons, such as guns and crossbows, in your wall or floor safe, which is why you need the weapons safe. This is especially necessary when you have children in the house; you cannot afford to leave a gun in your bedroom drawer, or just lying around somewhere. You need a safe – if possible, remote from home – where you can keep your weapons.

A safe provides an extra layer of security, and protection (if fireproof) within your home. Safes may be installed in offices, and business complexes as well. To get an idea of a safe that suits your needs, contact ProLocksmiths today, and you’ll be happy you did.


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