Why You Need Commercial Locksmith Services for Your Business

Security is always a major concern for every business, whether based in an office, retail property or anywhere else. Your premises are where you keep your assets, equipment and stock, resources and both commercially and financially sensitive information. You are vulnerable to the actions of burglars, vandals and even disgruntled employees. A commercial locksmith will be your most important partner in keeping everything of value safe and keeping wrong-doers out. Our customers rate us as the best locksmith in Toronto so let us explain why you can't do without the services of a commercial locksmith.

New Locks and Replacement Keys

Even the most robust locks won't last forever. It doesn't take an attempted break-in to cause damage - natural wear and tear over the years can compromise the effectiveness of locks. You should check them regularly and if they show signs of decline, you could be putting your premises at risk by not having them changed. A call to a commercial locksmith is all it takes, and they will be able to assess the condition of your locks, replacing them if necessary. They would also be the first people to call on when you need additional keys, either because one has been lost or damaged or because certain employees need their own sets.

Digital Technology

Security measures have become extremely sophisticated and extend far beyond traditional keys and locks. It's the only sure way to keep ahead of criminals. Electronic locks and digital security systems are becoming standard, partly because they offer several layers of protection but also because they give users extraordinary monitoring capabilities. The most sophisticated systems enable you to check not just entrances and exits but to keep track of activities throughout the business premises in real time, while recordings provide evidence of culpability for wrong-doing as well as highlighting desirable improvements. These high specification systems require expert installation and maintenance which only a company like Pro Locksmiths, the best locksmith in Toronto, can provide.


What happens if you have to lay off staff or you end a cleaning contract and you don't get your keys back? That's surely a security risk. Many people would think the only course of action is to have the locks changed, but that isn't always necessary because in some circumstances, re-keying is a more than adequate solution. This involves changing the key mechanism within the lock so the old keys will no longer work. All you need is the new keys and you can carry on using the locks as before.

Key Suites

If you have a succession of secure doors on the premises it's a nightmare to have to carry a separate key for each one. A locksmith can provide a key which is not universal like a master key but can have multiple functions giving you access to several areas with just one key.

Ensure Your Security with the Best Locksmith in Toronto

At Pro Locksmith we have the expertise, the experience and the qualified personnel to meet all your security requirements. If you have a problem with existing locks or lost keys, you're ready to upgrade your system, or you're relocating, call us before anyone else.


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