High-Security Door Locks – An Extravagance or a Must-Have?

Home security is uppermost in the minds of most householders. Where we live is precious to us and our families. When we move into a new home, one of our priorities is to make it safe from intruders. That applies wherever we live, from high crime areas to those that are virtually crime-free. You never know where or when you might be the target of ill-intentioned individuals.

Even if you've enjoyed years of trouble-free living in your home, there's nothing to say this will last forever, so you should always keep your security under review. Burglars are learning new ways to defeat home security all the time, so keeping yours up to date is essential.

In the opinion of some people, high-security door locks are overkill. We don't subscribe to that view. We believe it's a necessity to fit locks that are, as far as possible, unbreachable. A residential high-security deadbolt lock can beat even the most resourceful and determined burglars.

What Are High-Security Door Locks?

Most of them are built of incredibly sturdy materials like hardened or boron steel, which is extremely resilient to bumping and forced entry. Their mechanisms use cylinders which are complex and therefore very difficult to pick. In addition to these features, they provide several other very effective protections.

  • Bolt Strength and Cut Resistance

In a high-security lock, it's not just the lock casing and the cylinder that is made of the strongest metal. No matter how much force is applied, the bolt is capable of withstanding it, whether it is a kick, a battering ram, or anything in between. When the Hollywood hardman kicks the door in without breaking a sweat, you can bet he wasn't up against a high-security door lock!

  • Snap Resistance

Lock snapping is a very common method of breaking in through secondary entrances, including French doors and conservatory doors. An intruder simply has to cut through on each side of the mechanism, and it will snap open easily. A high-security lock will be snap-resistant.

  • Drill Resistance

If they can't pick it or bust it open, a burglar might resort to drilling it out. Noisy but effective. The vulnerable points are the set screws and the shear line. Normally, high-security locks are equipped with hardened steel ball bearings and anti-drill plates to protect these parts.

  • Key Control

The best high-security lock will have keys designed and patented by the manufacturer to be unique to that lock. This means it's impossible to get a copy made by a locksmith or key-cutter, and the only way to get a duplicate or a replacement is from the manufacturer or authorized representative.

So, are they a luxury or a necessity? It's a question individual householders must make. High security comes at a higher cost than standard fittings, but you must weigh that against the peace of mind and safety it represents. Bear in mind that the most determined burglars will try everything within reason to gain access, but the harder you make it, the sooner they'll be deterred. We can't see a good reason not to fit a high-security lock on every external door. It's the closest to burglar-proof you're ever likely to get.



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