What is Lock Snapping? Find out how Secured is your Door

If intruders want to break into your home, they may attempt to snap your lock. While this can be distressing, there is no need to panic because there is always a trustworthy locksmith in Toronto you can call on to fit a new lock and do whatever is needed to make your home secure again.

Certain types of locks, in particular double cylinder locks, can have a point of weakness in the centre which can be exploited by thieves who want access to your home. An intruder with the right tools can snap a lock in a minute or two and easily enter your property. Snapping the lock requires some force but the appropriate apparatus gives an intruder leverage to essentially break the lock which allows them to open the door.

Vulnerable Locks

For many burglars today, snapping a lock is much easier than picking it and the number of robberies that involve lock snapping have been rising. One of the reasons this method is so popular is because it's so quick. Most locks with a central weakness can be snapped in two minutes or less. Even if your lock has not been, it might be worth having it assessed to see if it can be snapped easily by potential burglars.

Typically, snapping a lock means that the intruder might remove the lock's outer casing to gain access to the interior. A tool can then be used to cover the lock's barrel and then break it in half.

Qualified locksmiths can examine your lock and replace it with a model that will offer greater resistance to intruders. Some higher-security locks have been developed to foil lock snappers, and some models of locks that offer better security feature what is known as anti-snap lines. When an intruder tries to apply force to make the lock snap in half, instead the lock will snap at these anti snap points which means that the central and most vulnerable area of the lock is protected. This then means that your door will be secure.

If you want to increase your security and obtain locks that resist snapping techniques, then the best thing to do is find a qualified locksmith who can assess your door, take measurements and ensure that a new lock is installed that fits the door exactly and provides maximum security.

Reliable Locksmith in Toronto

No one looks forward to an intruder breaking in, or some other disaster involving a lock on your door. These types of challenges don't tend to happen at convenient times either, so Pro Locksmith is proud to offer a service that is on call whenever you need.

If thieves have snapped your lock, don't worry because our expert and highly qualified staff can be there to ensure the security of your home. They can also attend to a wide variety of other lock catastrophes, such as broken keys, lost keys or even lock replacements for your peace of mind. When you need a professional locksmith in Toronto, we are never far away.


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