Why Automatic Doors are a Sustainable Approach?

You may never have considered that a door can save energy, but when a door saves energy, then an entire building can save energy. One type of door that can help a building save energy and become more sustainable is the automatic door.

According to a report from the World Green Building Council in 2017, nearly 40 per cent of the globe's carbon emissions came from the building sector. So, a greener, more eco-friendly approach to construction and building is worthwhile for everyone.

Saving energy

Many large buildings have huge HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems - possibly incorporating an AHU (air handling unit) - to maintain stable temperature and optimum air quality in the interior. It takes energy to create and keep indoor climates stable. Exchange with the outside world, which usually takes place through windows and doors, means the climate indoors can be constantly compromised.

Automatic doors can be integral to sustainability in a building because they work faster and are better suited to dealing with large volumes of people than an ordinary set of doors. With advances in technology, automatic doors are smarter and quicker, helping people move in and out of buildings with minimal leakage of air, loss of heat, heat gain when buildings are cooled, and contamination of treated indoor air with outside pollutants.

Efficient automatic doors mean a building's HVAC system doesn't need to work as hard to preserve the quality of the indoor climate and this saves energy and helps make the entire building more sustainable. This also ensures that those who use or work in the building can reliably breathe air of a consistent calibre.

When installing automatic doors, security is also a vital consideration. If you need to equip your building with automatic doors, then finding a reliable locksmith in Toronto to oversee proper attention to locks and security requirements will mean your building can start reaping the benefits of reduced energy consumption and sustainability while maintaining or even improving your building's security.

Installing automatic doors means greater convenience for those using a building, while conserving energy which will help to protect the planet. Adding automatic doors to a building can play an important role in boosting sustainability, while offering an efficient opportunity to review and possibly overhaul locks and security systems at the same time.

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