Why Should You Hire Professionals to Replace a Metal Door Cartridge?

The best defence against burglars and other intruders may come from steel doors, but metal doors of most types are generally highly effective. It is true in a domestic setting as well as a commercial one, although, for aesthetic reasons, most householders would hesitate to install one.

For commercial premises, particularly those where valuable goods and equipment are stored, they are virtually essential. And while they need to be robust, they also need to be maintained. You can't afford to rely on the protection that has developed weaknesses. In our many years of providing a first-class commercial automatic door service, we've learnt that one of the most common problems to occur in even the best quality metal doors is a failing door cartridge. Damage, rust or simple wear and tear can impair its effectiveness and weaken your defences.

When Should You Change a Door Cartridge?

The most obvious time is when you can see that damage has occurred, either by accident or someone's attempts to break in. Alternatively, a routine maintenance check might reveal invisible flaws. Equally, it's possible that you've withdrawn authorization from a key-holder, who might have resigned or been let go, and a replacement is the only safe option. Another reason could even occur at the point of installation when you notice there is a discrepancy between the cartridge and construction and dimensions of the door. It can happen if you find yourself with substandard hardware, often imported from foreign manufacturers, which is ill-fitting and will eventually stop working.

The Complexity of the Job

If you're used to carrying out DIY jobs, you might think you can do it yourself, but there are several reasons why the only sensible course is to engage a professional from a commercial automatic door service.

Firstly, metal doors are much heavier than PVC or wooden ones. It means that the positioning must be accurate to the millimetre, or the new locking mechanism will not work.

Additionally, you need to know which cartridge is right for your door. Before removing the old lock, determine the thickness of the sash and the distance between the door's edge and the lock's centre. You'll need one made-to-order if there is any deviation from conventional sizing.

Thirdly, if you are replacing a cartridge with a deadbolt mechanism, you will require the tools and skills to install it so that the cartridge remains hidden and inaccessible. Wrongly fitted, it can be easily taken apart by an intruder.



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