Easy Maintenance tips for Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic doors are sometimes so reliable that it can be quite easy to forget that you need to perform a range of maintenance tasks on them. This guide to easy and essential maintenance tasks comes from professionals in automatic door service in Toronto and should help prolong the life of your automatic doors whilst also reducing the likelihood of you having to spend a fortune getting them repaired.

Taking your automatic doors for granted can be a sure-fire way to ensure that you end up having to pay for costly repairs at some point down the line. Thankfully, you are likely to use the automatic doors at your property more often than any of your clients, meaning that you should be wholly familiar with their workings and therefore able to spot any of the early warning signs of trouble quickly.

Safety First

When not working effectively, automatic doors can be unsafe. There are a range of safety features within a set of automatic doors which should be tested on a regular basis. Whilst maintenance can help to keep a door in good order, as with any piece of equipment, some faults or accidents cannot be foreseen.

Checking the sensors that open the doors are functional should take place regularly, as should checking the sensors which prevent the door closing if there is an obstruction in the way. Contacting your local professionals in automatic door service in Toronto is vital if the sensors are misbehaving in any way.

Observe and Listen

Keeping your eyes and ears open as you use the door on a daily basis is a key part of any maintenance schedule. Get to know the noise that is emitted by your door as it opens, so you can recognize any changes as they begin to happen. Changes in the pitch and volume of sound when the door opens and closes could be a sign that something needs attention.

Likewise, if the door opens at a slower rate than usual, this could be another sign that attention is required. As with your car, often the quicker you catch an issue, the less chance it has to develop and become a huge and expensive issue.

Lubrication is a Key Part of any Automatic Door Service in Toronto

Keeping your doors lubricated helps to keep them gliding smoothly as they open and close. Look regularly at the systems including the lock, latch and hinges. Swinging, sliding and sectional doors all have slightly different ways of utilizing their moving parts, so be sure that you are lubricating the correct areas.

Keep it Clean

Keeping the area surrounding your automatic doors clean and clear from debris is vital, as any items which end up too close to the door can be caught up as the door operates. This can then cause debris to end up becoming embedded in the moving parts.

Get to know your doors, check the sensors regularly and ensure that you are lubricating all moving parts on a routine basis. This should help you to prolong the life of your automatic doors, as well as avoiding the need for expensive repairs.


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