What to Expect from a Commercial Locksmith?

A commercial locksmith specialises in providing services for every kind of business, retail, industrial, office or any other form of commercial enterprise. That's not to say that they can't help domestic customers - they certainly can. It simply means that they have the advanced qualifications and equipment needed to tackle the more complex and demanding challenges of the commercial environment. That’s why, there is a well-established demand for professional locksmith services in Toronto.

Locksmiths are an essential part of the security industry and in the commercial context, they are expected to offer a wide range of skills. Frequently they will be called out to secure premises after a break-in or when vandals have caused damage. Sometimes, automated system failures may block access for authorised personnel. The job of a commercial locksmith sometimes extends beyond that of conventional locksmiths since their job role may include the installation, maintenance or repairing of surveillance cameras.

What are the Standard Commercial Locksmith's Services?

You can expect a locksmith to be able to re-key existing locks, install new high security locks, hardware and special doors, fit intercoms and CCTV, install keypad locks and offer general consultation services.

Traits of a Good Commercial Locksmith:


Like electricians, locksmiths are highly skilled. They need to know precisely what they are doing and be intimately familiar with all kinds of security systems. When looking for a locksmith, you'll find that the best ones will clearly display details of their certifications and the nature of their training.


Once locksmiths have completed their training, they are in a position analogous to a newly qualified driver. It is through gathering practical experience that they will come to master their trade. You should expect a reputable locksmith to have a demonstrable track record. Being in business for several years is a pretty good endorsement.


This is another indicator of experience as well as dependability. A reliable commercial locksmith will be upfront with the testimonials of satisfied customers. It's also much easier to find feedback on trade review sites, local forums and social media. Consider reference from a trusted source about professional locksmith services in Toronto to be more confident.

Insurance and Licensing

These are essential considerations. You are entrusting the locksmith to handle sensitive and possibly expensive security equipment. They will frequently require access to computerised systems and may need to enter different parts of the premises. When you appoint reputed locksmith services in Toronto, they will carry full insurance so that, should they cause any damage to your commercial property, you will be covered for repair or replacement.

Equally, the work of a locksmith can be hazardous, requiring them to work in awkward or dangerous conditions. Their insurance should cover them for any injuries they might suffer. This won't relieve you of your occupier's liability but it will prevent any claims being made against you which are covered under the locksmith's policy.


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